Thursday, November 30, 2017


Coming Soon: Red Door - (A Not Forgotten Companion Novella) Everyone is surprised when Detective Jack Bronson leaves his position in New Hampshire to return to his roots in a small New Jersey town. He's just broken the highest profile case of his career, and he believes that he's chosen a quiet precinct where he can glide by to retirement blissfully tucked away from the lime light. When a young girl is abducted from her home, he realizes that things won't be so easy. A single abduction leads to multiple murders and Jack can't catch a break. This killer is cunning and not easily profiled. Then, there are the dreams. Jack is seeing clues to the murders in his sleep. He'll need to turn to Thomas Lynch, the young psychic who assisted him in New Hampshire, if he wants to solve this case but bringing this killer to justice will be the hardest thing that he'll ever do.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Traveler's

When Professor David Dean is called upon to help release a trapped spirit from a research lab, he answers the call and travels to Sedona, Arizona. David quickly realizes that things aren't as simple as he was told and he must call upon his longtime friend and colleague Jimmy Redbush.

Together, the Navajo Shaman and Parapsychologist must solve the mystery behind this government project and rescue a spirit that is not quite human.

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