Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Not Forgotten Series

Not Forgotten - Lilly's Story

A must read by Louisiana author Bonnie Taylor

Lilly was a seemingly normal teenager until the sudden death of her older brother, Tony. When Tony's spirit begins sending her messages, she gains the attention of other entities and embarks of a paranormal journey that is both frightening and enlightening. She enlists a cast of unique characters who plan to help her put a stop to the evil that has now invaded her life. Lilly's story unravels with a unique blending of ideas suggesting that there may be connections between the paranormal, modern spirituality, and the philosophies of ancient civilizations.

At Second Sight

The gripping second novel in the paranormal series by Bonnie Taylor. This one is a true page turner. You won't put it down!

At Second Sight brings paranormal romance, mystery, and folklore together in a unique and compelling tale. Young psychic genius Thomas Lynch ventures away from his paranormal investigation team to work with law enforcement on a case involving a missing coed. When Thomas finds himself entangled in a conflict with strange entities he calls upon his friends David Dean and Jimmy Redbush for help. As this gripping tale develops, the worlds of humans, spirits, mythology, and environmental conscience intertwine with an intricacy that leaves no doubt that everything in our universe is somehow connected though not always working harmoniously.

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What's in the Works for Release in 2018

It's hard to imagine that another year is swiftly slipping away, but 2018 is currently peeking over the horizon! With that, I'd thought I'd announce my current projects.

In October 2017 - I will be working on a short horror story for an upcoming anthology to be released mid-2018.

Also in October, I plan to participate in the Halloween themed events on Goodreads.

The release of Zac's Guitar!!! It's here - the anticipated release of the 3rd Not Forgotten Book will take place in October, 2018!

Individual works set for 2018 release:

"The Pizza Boys" - a semi-autobiographical novel about growing up in the pizzerias of rural New York. Part love story, part coming of age story, includes a little mystery, intrigue, and humor but not paranormal!

"Obscura" - the fourth title in the Not Forgotten Series. In the quest for proof of the existence of spirits, the Highgate Paranormal Society may stumble upon a more powerful and unexpected truth. Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrials?

In the meantime, you can catch up on the Not Forgotten Series by purchasing copies of Not Forgotten Lilly's Story and At Second Sight on Amazon.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hide a Book Day

Blanco and I embarked on our journey this afternoon. We were looking for the best place to hide our giveaway copy of Not Forgotten - Lilly's Story.

Blanco was very excited and took his job very seriously. He was on guard duty all the way to town!
We found the perfect location to hide the book. The West Branch Library entry pavilion.

We later discovered that this person found it!
Congratulations Shawn Scarbrock!

Book Fairy Hide a Book Update Number 1