Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not Forgotten in Paperback

I am beginning the conversion and editing process required to create a paperback version of Not Forgotten. If you are an author interested in self publishing I have to tell you that I am very happy with the Create Space process. I was able to convert my own files, build my own cover, and distribute the completed At Second Sight paperback version for zero cost in less than one week. If I wasn't learning the formatting on this one, it could have been completed and ready for market in 24 hours. The final retail price is a bit higher than I would like it to be but I understand that Create Space needs to be compensated and sets their prices accordingly so that authors, too, can earn on their books. The good news is that I can purchase my books at an excellent discounted price. That way, authors can stock up and sell their books at a discount themselves.

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