Tuesday, February 26, 2019

What's Coming

Two Exciting Serials

The Haunted Collection - Book 3 

Secrets - All houses have secrets hidden within their walls and the Ryder House is no exception. The ugly truth of the place and it's occupants remained dormant within the walls until a construction crew arrived to rehabilitate the property for the local Historical Society. Awakened by the return of living energy within the walls, the house will tell a story of lust, betrayal, and murder so shocking, it will turn an entire town on it's head.

*** Coming March 2019

The Broken Mirror Series - Book 1

The Broken Mirror Series is a collection of dark and twisted fairy tales. From Zombie Apocalypse Rupunzel to Drug Dealing Tinkerbell, this new take on the classics is sure to entertain.

***Book One - The Girl in the Tower is coming March 2019

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