Friday, December 2, 2011

More on Thomas

Thomas Lynch is an interesting guy but his character does not develop much in Not Forgotten. That's why he will be the featured character in my next book; working title: "At Second Sight".

Who is Thomas Lynch?
Thomas is the smartest person in the room. He is logical, rational, and knowledgeable on many subjects. He has a photographic memory and retains just about everything he reads and sees. As might be expected from someone who thinks atypically, his social skills leave much to be desired. Thomas was the skinny, smart kid in your high school that didn't fit in and was instant jock bait the moment he entered the room. Misunderstood, he was picked on and ridiculed for most of his life.

Thomas feels like a disappointment to his parents even though he graduated high school and began college two years early. His father was a high school jock and expected to have a son that would inherit his athletic prowess. Though he has tried, he has never been able to bond with Thomas. They are almost like aliens from opposing planets.

His abilities
As if being a socially retarded genius wasn't enough of a challenge, Thomas is also psychically intuitive. He has seen apparitions and had premonitions but these things were rare and uncontrollable for him and his inability to control them has led to frustration for him. Confused, he made the life changing decision to attend a seminar on parapsychology given by David Dean. Meeting David, his mentor and father figure, changed his life. It is Davids' mother who helps Thomas unlock the mystery of his abilities and become a very proficient psychic.

His future
Thomas will embark on a side career apart from the Highgate Paranormal Research Society and his mentor David Dean. It is in this side career where we will get to know him better and witness his metamorphosis as a character.

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