Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Secrets - Book Four of the Haunted Collection is Live on Amazon for 99 Cents!

Secrets is the fourth installment of The Haunted Collection - A series of short ghost stories from Bonnie Taylor

The Highgate Paranormal Research Society ventures in to unknown territory when they're invited to investigate a haunted house that is being filmed as part of a reality television home improvement show! 

Weary of the publicity but needing the money, the team reluctantly embark on a journey to uncover a town's dark secret. It's a secret that the dead might kill to protect and Thomas could be the next victim.

Join Dr. Dean, Kerry and Thomas on their early adventure in paranormal research in short stories of The Haunted Collection:

Book One - Leave
Book Two - Stay
Book Three - Remembered
Book Four - Secrets

And more to come!

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