Bonnie Taylor Author

Hathor's Diary

If you've read "Not Forgotten - Lilly's Story", you know Hathor is Mrs. Dean's mystical cat. She was sent to protect Lilly from the dark spirits and convinced Mr. Roberts that there is life after death. You may not have noticed, but Hathor also made an appearance in "At Second Sight". She was the cat that appeared at Jack Bronson's door.

On this page, I will provide updates on my works in progress. Let's hope Hathor is a worthy muse! We have a lot of books to write!

New Release! New Release!

The X Collective

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New Releases! New Releases!

Finally, the first book in my Skinwalker/Navajo Mythology inspired series is live!

The Wisdom of Coyotes   (Young Adult Paranormal Romance)
Servants of the Legacy  (Science Fiction - Ancient Alien Theory Inspired)