Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Midnight Mass (A Netflix Limited Series) by Mike Flanagan

 I've watched this series twice now and I have to say that Mike Flanagan has done it again! This show is likely to be considered the number one horror offering of the year. Flanagan never fails to combine humanity and horror in an intricate dance with every chance he gets. He creates characters who are flawed yet likable and places them in situations where they must face not only the supernatural but their own personal demons as well. 

If you don't mind serious spoilers, check out the article that I've written about the show by clicking the image below.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Halloween 2021 is almost here! Relax and enjoy the ride.


How is it even possible that 2021 is already coming to an end? It seems like it was just 2019 yesterday! I, for one, am not ready to roll through the scary season, spend two days prepping for turkey day and then trimming the tree and rushing out for last-minute Christmas gifts! I mean, didn't we just do this?

The stress is real during this time but I have a few quick and easy destressing ideas to make things a bit more bearable,

First and foremost, don't deny yourself 8 hours sleep

If you are anything like me, a typical night's sleep begins around 2 am and ends around 6 am. This is a horrible habit and one that can lead to premature aging, a weakened immune system, and an inability to effectively function. Sleep is always important but in times of amplified stress, it can be a game-changer. Don't let a lack of sleep put a damper on your holiday fun! Get your rest!


Even light to moderate daily exercise can reduce stress. Start or continue your workout routine through the holidays. Just twenty minutes of cardio, yoga, or strength training will make a huge difference in your overall mood.

Bath Salts

I prefer CALM by Herbivore. It's a pink himalyan salt infused with lavender, eucalyptus, ylamg ylamg, and chamomile but there are other options on the market. Just look for the same ingredients.

Scented Candles

Our sense of smell is magical and what we smell can easily change our state of mind. Vanilla, lavender, chammomile, ylang ylang, cedar, and rosemary top the list of calming scents.