About Me

Bonnie Taylor is an Internationally published author with books available in three languages. Born in New Jersey and educated in New York and New Jersey, Bonnie holds a degree in Social Science from Upsala College. Writing has been her passion since a very early age but she didn't begin writing for her career until leaving a 10 year career in corporate training and operations management. Bonnie is the proud parent of three girls; Kaitlyn, Ashley, and Meghan.

Bonnie writes about subjects that she is passionate about. As an avid horror/paranormal fan and having experienced unexplained phenomena first hand, Bonnie has done extensive research on the subject and has made a personal connection with several noted psychics and paranormal investigators. Bonnie also writes extensive copy for publications on topics including animals, pet health, parenting, corporate training, and employee development.

Now, the personal stuff

I am the crazy pet lady. I have dogs, cats, exotic birds, reptiles, fish, and ducks. I am also currently "kid" sitting two beautiful goats! I live in a secluded area of Louisiana, just outside Alexandria with plenty of room for my menagerie to roam and play. I also work with several local Humane Organizations to find homes for adoptable pets.

I am a true X Files believer and fan of The Walking Dead, back to the days when it was just an amazing series of graphic novels.

In addition to writing and working with animals, I read and love to do home improvement work. My weakness is coffee and, as of a year ago, I am a bonified work out addict and insomniac. 

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