Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Frightening World of Kickstarter

As I waited for a program to download on my computer so that I can get some work done on this marketing campaign, I decided to browse the projects on Kickstarter under the subject "Publishing". This might have been a bad idea as it has made doubts and fears run rampant in my overly active writer's imagination.

As of this morning, there are 39,685 publishing campaigns active on Kickstarter. I planned to browse through them to look at successes and failures so that I can have a better idea of what works and what doesn't when it comes to attracting backers. What really struck me though, was how many of these projects had zero backing and were live for more than twenty days!

I even backed two of them because they looked promising and I felt terrible seeing that big $0.00 on the page!

Nothing is more invalidating than spending your precious time on a project and failing at launch time but failure to sell does not mean that you've created a bad product. It probably means that you've failed to reach the right audience. Your ability to write has not been tested until you have succeeded in your ability to market.

This is a scary time, guys! Give me some positive thoughts, please!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Are you ready to help Kickstart this book?

I have written Zac's Guitar and am in the process of proof reading the results. I'm looking for blaring typo's, deep or shallow plot holes, and using my children as interventionists to counsel me through my gross obsession with the comma.

CPP Publishing will be the proud parent of the third installment of the Not Forgotten Series and I will format the manuscript for electronic and paperback versions to be created. There is even a beautiful cover in the works.

So, what's missing?

A professional editor.

While I am always willing to consider storyline advice from Beta Readers of my work, I still want to have complete creative authority over the story. I don't need someone to offer advice or input on my theme, plot, climax, or characters and their development.

What I need is a master of the English language. I need a super human who can find every typo, every grammatical error, and every missing or misused punctuation mark. No matter how carefully I go over this manuscript, I will ultimately miss something. It's happened with my other books - even the one that was published by a traditional publishing house, and each time I open a cover, the errors are all I see!

I don't want my readers eyes abused by poorly structured sentences!

That said, I will be launching a KICKSTARTER campaign to raise funds to pay that editor and you can help!

I will post links to the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and both of my sites and that's where you come in. If you want to see this book launched and are happy with the rewards that are offered for helping to make it happen, make a pledge and tell your friends. Crowdfunding takes a CROWD. I need you to help me grow a crowd.

So, what will you and your friends get for helping to fund this project?

* You will be the first purchases of this work. You get in ahead of the rest.
*You will get key insights and updates on the book's progress. You'll watch it grow.
*You will get awesome hand crafted keepsakes like pendants and pins that help tell Zac's story
*You can be there, do that, and get the tee shirt!
*Do you want my autograph? You can get autographed copies of ALL THREE BOOKS!
*If you're wondering what song Zac plays to open the portal, you can get it on MP3!
*A brave few can even become characters in a future book!

This is an exciting time and I hope we can fun together building this book!