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No Man (or other being) is an Island

One thing that author's have learned from the recording industry is that 'Street Teams' offer better product marketing than any other strategy out there! So, what is a street team? It's our crew, our champions, our FELLOWSHIP!

Street teams are comprised of super fans that spread the word about our books through social media posts, sharing our books with their friends, reading them, reviewing them, and sometimes, showing off our marketing materials. What could be cooler than getting a free tee shirt, sticker, book marks, or pin and all you have to do in return is wear it/use it and tell people about it when they ask? How about buying a book and getting a free second copy to give to a friend? (You know that person you always forget to buy a gift for? I've got your back!)

How about being a beta reader?

My beta readers, most are also members of my street team, read my books before they're released and give me honest feedback about them. Then, once they're released, and only if they want to, they leave a review on Amazon. Why? Because reviews are great for authors and most readers don't leave them!

Beta readers don't pay for the books. They get the PDF pre-release for free and then, get the finished book free as a thank you for their feedback!

That sounds great! I want to be a super fan!

If you'd like to be considered for a spot in the crew, there are three things that you need to do.

First, click on the contact me link and go to my social media links and like/follow them!

Second, send me an email at

Use: Street Team or Beta Reader as your subject line

Tell me your name and what part of the country you live in

Tell me your preferred e-reader (Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, or old school PDF)

Lastly, fill out the form on this site to join my mailing list!

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