Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Excerpt from At Second Sight Chapter 8

Thomas bears witness as Katie discovers the ashrays:

Once grounded, she shone the light on the water again. There was a slight disturbance on the surface and both Thomas and Katie strained to see what was moving below. Almost in tandem, they both jumped backward. Katie lost her foothold and her tennis shoes made a sudden splash. The things in the water responded to the disturbance with a blood curdling scream and splashed aggressively as they made a hasty retreat further away from the bank. Katie regained her balance and more composure than Thomas would have thought possible and shone the light out on water but there was nothing there to see.

Thomas couldn’t believe what he had just seen.  They were close enough to the surface to be seen clearly.  There in the marshes of Bear Willow State Park were pale, grey faces in the water. Based on their fierce reaction to light, they were probably not apparitions or living people but whatever they were, they had human facial features and made human-like sounds and their cries sounded more like shrieks of pain than from fear as if the light could somehow injure them.

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