Thursday, August 2, 2012

Last night I made a commitment to look up at the moon

Last night I made a commitment to look up at the moon. It was a full moon hanging high in a gray night sky. I moved to a place where I could view it in a void of space surrounded by the fingery tops of a circle of oaks. As I gazed upon it, it seemed to changed before my eyes. Thick rays of moonlight reached out to the south, east and west and the silver circle in the middle lifted and separated as if to form a head with a halo of golden light. I followed the appendages to where they landed on the ground and was surprised to see that the land was illuminated. I wiped my eyes. Surely this was the result of staring at an object too hard and long. It couldn’t be real.

Feeling grounded again, I focused my gaze back on the moon. This time, the silver circle was surrounded by an electric blue aura of dancing light. I blinked several times but the radiant hue remained visible. The longer I stared, the larger it became. I tried again to rationalize what I was seeing and suddenly, it came to me. As if the moon were whispering in my head. I understood.
As humans we are conditioned to see the universe in one dimension. It is the dimension that our minds find most efficient to dissect, compute and catalog but sometimes, when you take a moment to free yourself of the restrictions that you place on your eyes, the universe rewards you with a sneak peek at things as they truly are. Perhaps she hopes that you will take that gift and use it to open yourself up to enlightenment.

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