Wednesday, May 31, 2017

If an instrument could have desires it would want to be played.

A love affair ends when a craftsman puts the finishing touches on a fine instrument. The artist is pleased with his work and like a parent facing an empty nest sends it off to the world with grand hopes that it will bring joy and find love from another. In this case a musician who will connect with the instrument in a harmonious dance that takes shape in the form of a melody.

As much as a musician hopes to find the perfect instrument, the instrument would be desperate for the right musician. It would feel vulnerable in the hands of the person who controls the message that they will send out to the world but without him the instrument would never find its voice. Silence must be death for an instrument. If it could I believe it would go to any length to make music. Changing the world for those who hear it would be its only desire.

                                                                  - Jimmy Redbush
Excerpt from "Zach's Guitar"

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