Saturday, September 2, 2017

Zac's Guitar - Jimmy's Vision

David Dean got in his car in the University Garage at 9:00pm. He’d spent the evening giving a lecture on the difference between poltergeist activity and true hauntings. As he reached for the key, he noticed his cell phone sitting in the console. He wasn’t big on technology and often made a habit of forgetting his phone. He picked it up and saw that he had two missed calls. The first was from his assistant, Kerry, no doubt checking to make sure he remembered the lecture. The second was a familiar number, his old friend and colleague Jimmy Redbush.

He had a voicemail and played it hoping it was Redbush and not Kerry. Luck was on his side.

Jimmy Redbush said, “Hello, old friend. I’m calling you because I’ve had a vision and in my vision, there are many arrows. First, the crossed arrows of friendship which made me think of you. Then, I saw the two arrows pointing at the stone which are for warding off evil and the two arrows flying toward each other signifying war and I thought of our trials with young Lilly Roberts.  The last arrow flew alone signifying peace. This told me that victory is possible and that this is not the final battle.  I saw one other thing, the butterfly. This I do not understand, but I called you to ask if you’re okay and to inquire (A long pause), about your mother.”

David saved the message and stared at the phone a long time. He said, simply, “Mother”.

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