Thursday, April 12, 2018

Servants of the Legacy

Strange things are happening on Earth in the year 2030. A solar event has taken a toll on the planet's resources and the future appears dim for human kind. As the scientific community searches for solutions, a group of unrelated, ordinary people begin having bizarre experiences.

* Edward, a middle aged farmer whose crops are failing stumbles into a crop circle and telepathically connects with an other worldly intelligence

* Danny, an Alaskan kid whose future is uncertain experiences a close encounter and awakens with a working knowledge of a groundbreaking technology

* Renee, a multiple abductee and Travis Cloud, a Hollywood A-lister are abducted and returned with altered DNA

* Max, a computer programmer and Jason, a conspiracy theorist bear witness to a great discovery

*Roman Demaris, an archaeologist, opens a hidden chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza and finds that the walls inside are covered with a message written in computer code

*Antonio Perelli, a billionaire with his own space program, sees a link between these people and brings them together

In the year 2030, when man is facing likely extinction, he looks up at the stars and wonders, is there a place for us out there? Perhaps we aren’t the first intelligent life to determine that the best way to fulfill our biological imperative is to plant our seed on a distant star.

We are given the blue print used to introduce life to a barren planet. It's the blue print that was used to bring life to our planet and others before it. Now, it's our turn to serve this legacy.

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