Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Pandemic Thoughts

 I've been quiet during this pandemic. Possibly, too quiet, considering that it's my connection to you that allows me to do what I love, but, honestly, for the first time in my life, I don't know what to say.

We are all in a state of confusion. Some more than others, but it would be delusional to think that any one of us is exactly the same as they were prior to March, 2020.  The world feels surreal. We're putting on face coverings to leave our homes. Tragedy has hit some with the loss of income or worse, the loss of someone they loved. The rest of us are uncomfortably attempting to hold on to our ways of doing things. Work, school, even something as trivial as picking up the groceries has changed.

In my area, we were dealing with a pandemic and a hurricane at the same time. People who were meant to stay home and social distance had no electricity. (For me it was nine days with no power and two with no water). We're now waiting to see if 'Delta' is going to treat us the same way!

We are inundated with panic, conspiracy theories, a very strange election season, and no foreseeable end to these crazy times. So, what do we do? We remember the things that haven't changed. We focus on our passions. We love the people who we hold dear. We turn off the news, put down our cell phones, and use our energy in ways that bring us joy. These are the times to make memories. These are the times that define us. 

Sending light and love to everyone who reads this!

Bonnie J. Taylor

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